Jóvenes cubanoamericanos se comprometen a la reconstrucción de una Cuba democrática
Young Cuban Americans pledge to reconstruct a democratic Cuba

Jóvenes cubano americanos, profesionales, activistas de derechos humanos, sindicalistas, políticos, empresarios, estudiantes y por sobre todo amantes de la libertad de Cuba, realizaron un importante encuentro donde intercambiaron ideas y crearon un equipo de trabajo que cooperará con la reconstrucción de Cuba, una vez libre.

Young Cuban American professionals, human rights activists, trade unionists, political leaders, elected officials, business owners, and students who yearn for a free Cuba, carried out an important encounter where they exchanged ideas and created a task force which will cooperate with the reconstruction of Cuba once definitive steps are taken towards democracy, freedom and rule of law.

En este encuentro de líderes de las nuevas generaciones cubano-americanas discutieron ampliamente sobre la falta de libertad y derechos humanos del pueblo, así como  los problemas tan graves de infraestructura que afectan la calidad de vida del cubano, debido al Totalitarismo Castrista, representando así una esperanza para el futuro de una Cuba libre

In this encounter, leaders of new generations of Cuban Americans held an ample discussion on the lack of liberty and human rights as well as the grave infrastructure problems caused by the totalitarian Castro regime, which affects the Cuban peoples quality of life. These young leaders constitute  a hope for a free Cuba...

“The salvage of Havana seems to be contingent then upon the elimination of the present totalitarian and unipersonal system. Billions of dollars will probably be required to make functional the basic infrastructure of Havana. But I feel very strongly that if Cuban ingenuity is allowed to work and construction resources existing in the island are made available to the population, great progress can be achieved. I have seen the results of significant improvement of urban conditions, even of slums, in other countries when resources have been made available to the people with some technical assistance, but mostly employing the voluntary labor available within the communities. It requires, in summation, that Cuba must open itself to Cubans. That Cubans cease to be second class citizens in their own country due to the prevailing totalitarian system, and be allowed to be architects and builders of their own destiny.”

Late Juan Clark, Ph.D., Sociology Professor-Bay of Pigs Veteran


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